Decision Time

Cancer Decision time.jpgAfter Jill returned home she had an MRI and more suspicious areas were identified, which meant more biopsies to ensure that the cancer was the same. Unfortunately the ultrasound biopsy wasn’t successful, so Jill had to go back in for an MRI biopsy.


The results of the biopsies were good…. or as good as it can be when you are diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was non-aggressive. The oncologist described them as “well-behaved”  ER positive, and BRAC negative. Jill was considered stage 2 because of the size of the masses. Jill was also multi focal in both breast. The solution became obvious, a double mastectomy was the direction Jill was headed.

The next step was lymph node testing. This needed to be done prior to the mastectomy to ensure that the cancer hadn’t spread requiring chemo or radiation treatment, which should be done prior to the surgery. This was done, June 24th and heard on June 29th, that all the nodes were negative.

Diep Flap.jpegThe decision was made to have a double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction at the same time. and scheduled for Aug 3. Surgery was long 12+ hrs, Hospitalization for 3-5 days and a long recovery, but no implants or long-term maintenance required. The solution felt right. Jill also had wonderful family support who would make sure she was well taken care of during her recovery.

prostate cancer.jpegOf course, Jill couldn’t be having all the big “C” fun. Al had been diagnosed in March with prostate cancer. The good news was that it was also non-aggressive and could be managed thru monitoring.

Are we having fun yet!?