Submitted Complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service

Waiting for the Financial Ombudsman Service to respond to the submitted complaintOn July 16, 2017 we received an automatic response from the FOS acknowledging the submitted complaint. It said “If you haven’t heard from us, it’s worth checking our junk mail or spam folder to see if our response is there”

After the recommended three weeks of waiting and checking our junk mail on a regular basis, we call the FOS customer line. Moray Pringle answered the call. He pulled our submitted complaint from the queue and said he will look at it.


August 15, 2017 I followed up with Moray and he responded that ProSight submitted their data, but due to the format it is taking an extended period of time to load it into their system. We ask him if we can get a copy of the files they submit. He said that he can do that, but he may have to redact information that represents their internal process. Moray suggests that we request a copy of the documents from them. We respond, telling him that they have not been transparent. We believe it would be more efficient to get it from him.

August 31. Moray responds to our inquiry that it is still taking time to input the information from ProSight.

Sept 15. Moray says that they are still technically delayed in uploading the data.

Sept 27. Moray says that the data has now been uploaded. “After having a brief look over what’s involved, I feel I personally may not be best placed to look into your complaint due to the complexity and depth of the situation. There is somebody within the organisation that specialises in marine insurance, however she isn’t due to return to the office until 10 October at the earliest. Can you let me know if you would be happy to wait for her to return for your complaint to be investigated?”

Watching the calendar after submitting complaintWe agree to wait until Oct 10, 2017 for the more marine knowledgeable investigator.