Lloyd's of London AbuseHave you ever been abused by a broker, cover holder or syndicate of Lloyd’s of London secured policy? This blog is for you!

When the abuse started we thought about putting together a blog to share their outrageous actions or inaction. However, we were continually reassured by the Lloyd’s agent that things would be fine. So we decided to “play it nicely” because they held all the cards. They had the power over the “little guy”.

However things have changed. The power for our case is hopefully now in the hands of overseers. We believe they will recognize the egregious actions and make things right. However, we need the word to get out, so others won’t be abused.


We have encountered abuse from every individual involved on the insurance side. These actions include:

  • Extraordinary delays in processing the claims
  • Unethical behavior
  • Lies and false suppositions
  • Complete lack of objectivity
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unqualified subjective judgments and misinterpretations
  • Prioritizing baseless and irrelevant information
  • Ignoring proof over assertions
  • Lack of guidance throughout the process
  • Using a consultant as the interface to avoid liability for his actions or statements.
  • Using “Balance of probabilities” based on false assertions
  • Cherry picking statements in the law and ignoring the intent
  • Mis-stating the law or regulations
  • Manipulating the system to try to force us into expensive litigation or arbitration
  • Manipulating the system to avoid oversight
  • Unreasonably denying the claim

You and the future.

We want you to share your experiences and insights so others can learn. We want to bring attention to their actions. Changes need to be made to a structure which willfully allows them to throw gasoline on a fire to avoid payment.