Our estimates and expenses are in. Nothing’s happening!

Estimates and expenses are complete!The two estimates from California were submitted to LJJ Associates on June 29th.

The estimates by the Hawaii vendors were submitted to LJJ Associates on July 24th.

We submitted our expenses to Blue Water Insurance on July 7.

All the estimates were within a reasonable range of each other, identifying a general magnitude of the project. Larry told us that he thought they were all reasonable. He also supported the cost of having a captain transport Dragonfly to CA for repairs.


Where is John Koon’s Report?

We had not received a copy of the John Koon report  Excuses for the delays were continually made by Larry.  We had been told that the Hawaii estimates were dependent on the report. So how could the estimate have been completed without the report?

Time is a problem and high dollar expenses are looming

As time carried on, we became more and more concerned about Al’s ability to get Dragonfly to the States before hurricane season. Finding a place to put Dragonfly in Hawaii for less than $2500/month was becoming more and more of a problem. Our time was running out on Big Island and we were receiving no real assistance from the insurance company. With no commitment from them, it didn’t make sense to take Dragonfly to an expensive dock. However, we may have no choice.

Life carries on.

August 3, Jill had her surgery. She had to go back in for a repair but ultimately everything went well. Her surgery began at 7am and she was in her room at midnight. Her sister Sheri and daughter, Michelle were full-time rotating caregivers in the hospital and home for the first 10 days. Jill would be housebound for a minimum of 6 weeks with a 12 month full recovery period.

waiting with cobweb.jpg

We waited,,,,, sending periodic messages receiving responses that were hollow..


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