Indianapolis, May 2-5, 2016

pink-ribbon.pngMay 2 – Jill knew that she probably had breast cancer and her husband was motoring slowly toward Hawaii, with one engine. She also knew that they would attempt to put the propeller on, but there wasn’t anything she could do to help them.


Jill entered the hospital room for the biopsies and explained to the nurse the situation and requested that she keep her phone on. The nurses and doctor’s were very supportive, sympathetic and eager to hear the details.

It process didn’t take long and was fairly painless. Once done she hurried home to check the weather and prepare an update for Al. Still determined not to tell him.

May 4. Jill received the phone call from the PA, both sides were malignant. The initial findings were DCIS grade 1. The left side was invasive and right was papillary. A meeting was scheduled with Dr Giblin to discuss the details and plan. Jill’s sister, Sheri told her that she would be with her thru this, which was a very helpful thing since Sheri had an in-depth medical knowledge. I told her, that I needed her to figure out the questions to ask, because I needed to stay focused on Al & Dragonfly. She readily took the responsiblity.

May 5 – Jill & Sheri went for appointment with Dr Giblin. The doctor did an exam, ultrasound and discussed history. Jill’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and had a mastectomy. They went into a room with the doctor and Margie, the RN/navigator. They gave us a binder and Dr Giblin went on the explain the type of cancer I have and the plan. It was an excellent experience! She spent almost 2 hours with us in total explaining everything. Next steps were:

  • MRI
  • Mammoprint to determine the subtype of the biopsies. A – non aggressive not needing chemo and B – aggressive needing chemo
  • Genetic testing to see if I have any mutant genes
  • Appointment with Oncologist

Once all the testing was completed, the action plan would be clear.The next steps would have to wait.

broken wife.jpegFirst Jill was going to fly to Hawaii to greet Al and address anything they might need if she got there first. She was on the plane first thing the next morning knowing that she would have to tell Al that now both of his ladies were broken. But we knew both were tough.

Dfly Before & After.jpg


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