No Direction from Insurance Representatives


No direction or advocacy. Totally desertedWe decided to contact Blue Water Insurance who originally sold us the policy. During the discussion we were told that the situation was complicated and we needed to work thru Larry, the Lloyd’s Agent. We were also told that John Koon was upset by our response to his report, insinuating that we were the bad guys. We felt deserted with no direction or advocate.



Expense Format & Reimbursment

On Oct 23, 2016 we asked Larry via email

  1. When can we expect the expenses to be reimbursed?
  2. Is LLJ waiting on John Koon’s response to our response of his report?
  3. If so, will this have any impact on LLJ’s position on our claim?
  4. When can we expect to hear back from LLJ regarding our settlement proposal.

We received the following response from the underwriters via Larry on Oct 25, 2016

  • Underwriters will consider expenses when it is clear what ‘exact amount’ is being claimed for? Expenses for flights, travel etc are not covered.

In the order of the owner’s 4 questions, can advise as follows: –

  1. When the expenses are received in a clear fashion, then and only then, can they be submitted for consideration.
  2. Underwriters are awaiting this in order to consider the insured’s claim further. Underwriters MAY insist upon seeing this prior to consideration of expenses per previous.
  3. LJJ have no position on this claim, all facts are required by UNDERWRITERS.
  4. When information and reports are received, UNDERWRITERS will respond.

WHAT!!! We are totally confused! What is the difference between LJJ and the Underwriters? Aren’t the underwriters within LJJ, the company we have the policy with?

No direction on format

On September 6, Larry told Jill that the format of the expenses was “excellent”. He claimed that he would review them and make sure that they were clear and in a format they wanted. Now they are saying the documentation is unacceptable!?  Larry said that our flights would be covered if justifiable. Why six weeks later they are suddenly not OK? Not sure who could have more justified flights than we did! Insanity!

We continually asked Larry to define an acceptable format and never received a response.


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