Oh No…. Not Again!

Bicycle accident.jpgIn August of 2015, Al had a cycling accident in Wales. He came off his bike on a descent going 45 mph. He dislocated his shoulder tearing his rotator cuff and broke his hip. He spent two weeks in the hospital and had two surgeries. We returned to the States in Oct 2015. Al was doing well, but it took more PT and time before he felt fully recovered.


vuelta.jpegAl and his son Steve planned a trip in Spain Sept 3-11, 2016. They were going to ride portions of the Vuelta during the race period. Al had trained and felt pretty good.

hip replacement.jpgOn Sept 7, on a slow descent (10 mph) after watching the pro’s climb to the top and finish, Al was knocked off his bike by a pro descending quickly after the race. He broke his other hip, this one would require a total replacement. Al opted to fly home, where he had the hip replacement the next day.


his & her hospital room.jpgAt home Al joined Jill in the living room which had been converted to a “recovery room”. Al was in a bed and Jill in her recliner for the next four weeks.


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