Prepare Complaints Against ProSight & LJJ Associates

Have to Complain Against ProSightOur UK solicitor, Daniel Crockford advised us to prepare complaints and file them with ProSight. We needed to objectively lay out the facts and evidence. Perhaps a new set of eyes within their organization would see the problems and recommend a settlement.  If that was unsuccessful, we should then go to the Financial Ombudsman Service and file the complaints with them.


Prepare Complaints

Prepare Complaints - LOTS of work

Over the next two months we prepared and accumulated  documents. Another report was written by Bill Trenkle, addressing the seaworthiness question. Jay Butler of Butler rigging inspected the remaining rigging verifying that they were in good condition. We accumulated the maintenance information information which demonstrated the money and effort expended. Each issue in the Hill Dickinson letter denying the claim without prejudice was addressed.  We kept going over and over the documents critiquing and improving them, doing our best to organize it logically. We knew that the technical issues needed to be made as clear as possible to a lay person.

Daniel reviewed the documents and was highly complementary stating that if we have to go to court, most of the work has already been done.

Theft & Damage Complaints

We also filed a complaint about the theft and damage claims which have not been processed. ProSight’s position is that we have to go thru our attorney to submit them. This was stated clearly by Wayne Scott of LJJ in a letter.

File the Complaints and Wait

Crossing off the days, waiting for a complaint response

We submit the two complaints on May 21, 2016. Our understanding is that it could take up to 8 weeks for them to respond. While we don’t like it, it seems reasonable as the case has some complex information in it.


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