New Insurance Claims Caused by Delays

We arrived on board on January 5, 2017. Our main objective was to meet Bill Trenkle a SAMS surveyor on January 11 so he could conduct a survey. Al also wanted to start to get ready to move Dragonfly to CA. He ordered and brought a variety of things that he knew was needed . However, he also needed to get clarity on other items.

It was a beautiful day in Hawaii in contrast to Indianapolis in January. We both felt that our bodies were recovering and the warmth and sun would clearly be good for us.

And then reality hit!



As we walked down the dock to Dragonfly, we could see significant damage to the side of the her. We had been told that there was some damage, but didn’t realize how bad it was. One or two fenders had come off and the side had been scratched and dented. Some of the surface damage could be buffed out, but the dents would take a lot more effort and expense.



After we had settled in we realized that someone had been on board. There wasn’t a noticeable disruption, but when we were going to make some soup, we realized that some silverware was gone. Then we noticed that the tool bag was gone and the list grew and grew. The list included rigging parts that Al had delivered for the new mast. It wasn’t long before we had identified over $20,000 of missing items.

Combine the Claims

We felt that the damage and theft should be covered by ProSight as part of the original claim. Their delays in processing the claim was clearly the reason we were in this situation. We suspected that they would want to make them two additional claims so they could apply the deductible to all three, significantly reducing their liability. However, we were determined to take a strong stand against that.

Our priority was the Bill Trenkle survey and now preparing a comprehensive list of the items stolen, so we decided to submit the claim after the survey.

Police Inaction

We contacted the police and National Parks Service. Both took statements, but nothing ever came of it. We learned from some people who was the thief and still the police did nothing even though we were confident that he had our items on his boat.

Our frustration and financial loss due to the expenses and new insurance claims just continues to grow and grow. Surely this would be put right.


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