ProSight’s Delays Push us Toward Deadline at Dock

Ala Wai & Kewalo harbors - 120 day deadlineDragonfly continues to sit in 6000 miles away from us in Hawaii costing $800/month. The clock is ticking. She will need to be moved from Ala Wai Harbor by the 120 day deadline on June 1. We are also facing a deadline of a safe period for Dragonfly to cross to CA. We need to do this as we can’t afford to stay in Hawaii.



Move from Ala Wai Harbor to Kewalo Harbor before Deadline

The first hurdle is where to move her as the 120 days are quickly coming to an end. Fortunately the next marina over Kewalo, is clearing out boats because they are doing a complete renovation starting in the fall. They are cautiously willing to have Dragonfly there as long as she is gone by September 1. Having John Dukesherer as a friend helped reassure them and Dragonfly was docked in Kewalo when Al arrived.

A California Plan

Al flies to Hawaii with a plan. He found and acquired a mast and furler on Oahu. He purchased the rigging needed. He will modify the mast and put it on Dragonfly, find sails and then sail her to San Francisco. Of course there are other things that need to be done to be prepare for a crossing. Also the injectors are an issue on one of the engines. However, being able to sail her is a huge plus.

ProSight delays are expensive

At this point we have spent thousands of dollars on dock fees and repair costs, none of which have been addressed by ProSight. Dock fees and associated expenses are not something we are used to experiencing. Most of our cruising life was spent away from the dock. Spending $800 per month is a real financial hardship on us. Also Dragonfly is also sitting there un-used. That is never a good thing.


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