Real Life Carries On.

Of course life has multiple dimensions.  This is not the only major thing we are dealing with.

  • Al finishes his PT and continues to improve, but this time it seems a bit slower.
  • Another rental house has a fire. In 40 years we’ve had four house fires and two of them have occurred in the last year.  What the heck!?
  • Jill continues to recover and accept her physical “new normal”. But no complaints as the margins were clear. Our understanding was that she was done with treatment. However, it is determined that she osteoporosis, so this needs to be addressed along with the regular follow-ups.
  • Jill’s mom continues to decline. She is convinced to see a new doctor and it is discovered that she has metastatic breast cancer which is now in her liver and lungs. At 91 she chooses not to have treatment and she enrolls in home hospice. Sheri is her medical advisor and far more medically qualified, but because she works full-time, Jill becomes their mom’s primary caregiver with Sheri’s oversight.



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