Dragonfly’s Safe Arrival in California 1 Year Late

At 10am on Saturday August 12, Dragonfly sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and then moved on to Richmond Yacht Harbor. Dragonfly’s arrival was one year later than originally planned.

Dragonfly's arrival under the Golden Gate Bridge

The trip went smoothly. While they always seemed to be chasing the wind, they didn’t have any severe weather during the 18 day trip.

We had a great celebration for the safe arrival with the crew and the welcomers. Everyone was healthy and happy to be in San Francisco. It was a long trip.


Dragonfly Crew and SF Welcoming Team celebrating arrival

We spent 4 weeks at the Richmond Yacht Club and then moved up the Sacramento River to Courtland Docks, where Dragonfly will stay indefinitely.

Dragonfly in Courtland Docks



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