Sailing Dragonfly Fiji to California

Dragonfly Interior Layout

Dragonfly had been in Fiji for two years (2014-15) sailing doctors, nurses and dentists to the remote islands providing them with free health care as part of the Sea Mercy Organization. As a 65′ catamaran with 4 queen size berths, we had plenty of room to comfortably transport volunteers with their supplies. It was a rewarding and unique experience that we will treasure. However, it was time to return to the states where our family was.


Passage Preparation

Sailing Crew to HawaiiJacque.jpgAl flew to Fiji in March, 2016 and prepared Dragonfly for the trip. Jill was not able to participate in the trip but our nephew Emerson, who had been on board several times decided to make the trip as did our good friend Jacque who had sailed from Panama to Tahiti in early 2014. Carolyn and Stephan a couple from South Africa responded to our ad in Crew Finders. They didn’t have any sailing experience, but had plenty of ocean experience on large yacht and had been part of the Sea Rescue team in South Africa. Both were young, energetic and looking for the open water miles to qualify for a Master Seaman’s license.

It was a good crew. They all got along and were good company.

The route

They left April 1, 2016 from Fiji on their 6-8 week, 5500 mile trip to San Francisco. This was a delivery trip, not a cruising trip. They planned to make brief stops in American Samoa, Suwarrow, Kirabati and Hawaii.

April 20, they stopped  briefly in American Samoa, then an overnight in Suwarrow a beautiful atoll that they had all to themselves. On April 28th they left Kirabati for Hawaii, which looked like it would be a great sail with good conditions.


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