Site Navigation

teaching.jpegComputer websites are supposed to be intuitive, but I have never found that to be true. Someone always has a different interpretation of how the site navigation should work based on their background and experience.

So, I’m going to try to help to keep you from guessing incorrectly and getting frustrated with the navigation.

First, if you are on a tablet (Ipad etc) your interface looks differently than a desktop. I will start with the instructions for a desktop which should look similar to this:


Screen Shot desktop.jpg

There are three columns on the desktop version of this blog.

      Left Column
  • Links to other pages within the site
    • ABOUT – Explains why we have developed this site/blog
    • POSTS (NEW TO OLD) – Lists all the posts showing the most recent post first, and allowing you to scroll to the next one.
    • POSTS (OLD TO NEW) – Lists all the posts starting with the first post, so you can read them from the beginning.
    • OUR STORYProvides you an overview of our experience with Lloyds and their associates.
    • TIME LINE –  Shows the major events and the number of days since this started. It also links to the post describing the specific event.
    • YOUR STORYInvites you to join the blog, sharing your story
    • CONTACT –  Invites you to contact us directly.
  • Share the site on Facebook, Twitter, Google LinkedIn or Email by pressing the related icon.
  • Subscribe to the site (not shown on image).
  • Like the page by pressing on the icon
  • Search the site (not shown on image). But is similar to most search pages.
     Middle Column
  • This displays the page you selected from the left column. The very top of this column, contains the date posted, the category assigned and <Leave a Comment>. Clicking on this allows you to ask questions or provide a comment regarding the specific post or page.
  • Upon entering the site, you will will always see the most recent post. You can simply scroll down to see the other posts in the order chosen.
    • The top line of the post identifies the date posted, the category assigned and gives you the ability to Leave a Comment which will start a discussion thread specific to that post.
    • More and Less within the post gives you the ability to see more or less of the post.
    • The bottom of the post offers you the ability to share this specific post on Facebook, Twitter or Google and to “Like” the page, by clicking on the applicable icon.
    • The final thing terms in the boxes at the bottom are the “Tags”
     Right Column
  • Gives you the ability to select a predefined subset of the posts (displayed in oldest to newest order) based upon
    • Category
    • Archive (Month)
    • Author


There is only one column on the tablet view as you see below.  But the functionally is available via the icons in the upper left corner.

Screen Shot of tablet.png









Tablet - Menu icon.pngPress this icon at the top left of the page to bring up the options listed in the left column of the desktop view. These options will be displayed at the top of the page. Scroll down to see the content that was originally displayed before you clicked on this icon. Click on the icon again, for it to go away.

Tablet - Options icon.pngPress this icon to see options on the the right column of the desktop view displayed above the page you are on. Scroll down to see the content that was originally displayed before your selection. Click on the icon again for it to go away.