We Are The Society of Lloyd’s and You’re Nobody

The Society of Lloyd's brashly ignores FOSThe deadline of Nov 22 came and went without any word from David Northcott from the FOS. He’d requested a response from The Society of Lloyd’s by that date on whether they believed the FOS has authority to investigate the non-UK complaint. 

We sent an email to David at the end of his work day on the 23rd and he immediately responded stating:

“Lloyd’s were chased up on the 21 November 2017 asking for a response to my letter of 8 November 2017. They were originally asked to respond by 22 November 2017.

I will continue to chase them. Once I have news I will update you again.”

Frustrated by a lack of response of The Society of Lloyd’s and now to even the FOS, we contacted our UK solicitor Daniel Crockford to see if he could assist in moving this forward. It appears to us that this could go on indefinitely since they do not feel any obligation to meet the deadline set by the FOS. We do face some legal time limits and we don’t want our back against the wall.


Daniel called Al soon after he talked with David. He said that David felt hopeful that the FOS would be investigating the complaint since it is a Lloyd’s policy AND the policy was written by LJJ a UK-based company. However, he felt they needed to wait for the response from Lloyds. He wanted to make sure that this did not become an issue after a decision was made by the FOS.

David also stated that he clearly understood our frustration as it is now more than 19 months since the claim was submitted. He stated that he felt positive that it would move forward based on his conversation with the judicial expert within the FOS. However he felt it was important to receive a response from them either agreeing or providing solid reasons why the FOS should not proceed.

So we continue to wait….


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