The Society of Lloyd’s to Review the Complaints

checklist.jpegAlmost 1 month after the question of whether the FOS had the authority to investigate our claim was raised, we received a decision.  David Northcott an adjudicator at the FOS was able to influence the SOL. It was agreed that we can proceeding with Stage 2 of the process and Society of Lloyd’s will review  complaints.

Stage 2 Review Process

Close Review.jpegDuring the Stage 2 our complaints are completely and freshly reviewed by a case worker at The Society of Lloyds. At the conclusion of the case worker’s review a final response letter with its outcome findings is issued. It should include referral rights to the FOS should we remain dissatisfied with its outcome.

Under the Financial Conduct Authority’s (the industry regulator) complaint handling rules the Society of Lloyds have a period of eight weeks to issue its FRL. So our new target date for a fair settlement is January 31, 2018. However, they can inform us and take additional time.

More Information

Another Document.jpegAccording to the Lloyd’s – How to Make a Complaint – we can provide more information to support our position. Therefore we will provide the load testing information results. We were not able to conduct this test until we had a mast. But now we can conclusively prove that the beam did not flex as John Koon insisted that it did.

This should be one more mark against John Koon’s credibility and evidence supporting the statements of Bill Trenkle, John Leneman and Kurt Hughes.


On a personal note, we are heading back to Indianapolis for Christmas. We will spend January and February in Thailand with friends. Our understanding is that $1000 a month will cover all living and travel expenses. It will nice break from the cold weather and cheaper than living at home.


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