Submitting the Dismasting Claim

Blue Water Insurance - lousy customer serviceDragonfly arrived in Honokohau Harbor on Friday May 6, 2016. We called Blue Water Insurance to submit our dismasting claim on Monday morning. The response we received was curt, insensitive and un-informative. We were told that we would be hearing from a local agent and the conversation was ended.


Dock for Dragonfly

In the mean time we needed to find a place for Dragonfly to stay. The temporary dock space we were provided would last no more than 90 days.

Big Island HawaiiJill had called several marina’s prior to the 6th. All of them were less than enthusiastic about accommodating a vessel 65′ x 32′. We drove the entire circumference of Big island and had little or no luck finding a marina that could accommodate us.

We called individuals in the islands to see if they could provide assistance. One of which was John Koon. He told us that he could come from Oahu to Big Island to survey the boat and write a report that would support us. Because it was certain that the insurance company would try to “screw us”.

Lloyd’s agent first contact

Larry Montgomery, the Lloyd’s agent and local surveyor called us. He explained that he was assigned our dismasting claim and would come to the boat on May 19 to do a “field assessment“. He was very encouraging, stating that “You have paid your premium and the insurance companies expect to have some claims. Our objective is to make you whole again.” Based on that call we saw no reason to pay John Koon to come and do an independent survey. A decision which we regretted later.

Jill returned to Indianapolis on May 10 and the crew left soon after. Al stayed to address what he could. His priorities were the engine problems, water proofing and securing broken parts, and long-term dock space.


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