Terrible Customer Service

Hopeful Society of Lloyd'sWe were encouraged to hear that we would be going thru Stage 2 of the Society of Lloyd’s. Certainly, they have better customer service priorities. Surely the assigned case manager would want to make sure that the Lloyd’s name was not scarred by a lack of response or a bad faith denial.

On Tuesday Dec 5, David Northcott, the FOS adjudicator, told us that he would ask them to let us know who the “case handler” was. We wanted to provide new and updated information. We decided to go ahead and send an email to the general complaints email account at Lloyd’s. In the email, we referenced that the complaint process had started 5 months ago and that we had some new information we wanted to share with the case handler. On their website they state that a response should be received within 3 days.

Three days later

On Friday Dec 8, we hadn’t heard anything so we called the Lloyd’s Complaint’s customer service number. We were passed around to different people. One person said that she could see the email from us and it should have been answered by now. We finally talked with an individual who told us that the person assigned to our case. His desk was just two desks away and he would tell him about our call and have him get in touch with us.

Referred back to the FOS

Lloyd's Bad FaithHere we are 1 week later. No email or call. Not even an email stating that they can not work on the case right now but will be in contact by X date.

So we called Lloyd’s complaints department. The same individual says that it has been decided that the FOS will review our case next. We will not have a Stage 2 review! Lloyd’s complaint department has requested the complaint file from ProSight, which will be forwarded on to the FOS. ProSight’s deadline to provide the information is Tuesday. Unbelievable!

We ask “why?” He said he was looking at an email involving David Northcott of the FOS and this was the decision.

Bad Faith or Just Inept?

We are clearly being tossed around like a hot potato. It’s difficult to tell whether this is intentional or they just do not know what they are doing. One interesting note is that I returned to the “Lloyd’s policy holders outside the UK – How to Make a Complaint” page and the link to the US has been removed. Therefore they offer no direction to any US policyholder who wants to file a complaint.

One of the reasons that we were happy about the Stage 2 review is that there are no financial limitations on findings. The FOS is limited £150,000. Our claim is much higher. We asked how this would be addressed and he said that we had to go through our local system for any additional reparations. But there is no local system!! Not according to the IDOI. So did they send us back because of that limitation and exposure for their syndicate or do they just want to shuffle away the work?

It has been over 19 months since our loss and 6+ months since we started the complaint process. Is this normal for them? It’s clearly unacceptable.