Marine Insurance Claim Timeline - Major EventsBelow is a list of major events, dates and the number of days from the original loss. It does not indicate the numerous emails and calls we made or the amount of our effort to pursue a fair resolution to this claim. This has been a major consumer of our time and life since May 1, 2016. ProSight (underwriters), LJJ Associates (policy) an Blue Water Insurance (US broker) never initiated contact on any issue or phase.

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Day Date Description
1 05/01/16 Dragonfly dismasted 400 miles south of Hawaii
6 05/06/16 Dragonfly arrived in Honokohau Harbor in Hawaii (Friday)
9 05/09/16 Claim reported to Don Spink of Blue Water Insurance (Monday)
17 05/17/16 Follow-up with Mark Spink of Blue Water Insurance says he is identifying a adjuster in Hawaii.
19 05/19/16 Larry Montgomery, the Lloyd’s agent, conducts field survey to develop a  scope of work.
 23 05/22/16 Scope of work completed by Larry Montgomery
 35 06/05/16 Larry Montgomery and John Koon (local surveyor and planning to submit a repair bid) go on board for inspection to insure a “best practice repair
 59 06/29/16 Two repair estimates from companies in California are submitted as required by policy
 67 07/07/16 First expense report submitted to Blue Water Insurance(no response)
 84 07/24/16 Repair estimates submitted from Hawaii companies.
 103 08/12/16 Receive copy of John Koon’s report (70 days after being on board) and discover the real intent of the “survey”
 105 08/14/16 Al flew to HI to move Dragonfly From Big Island to Oahu (Ala Wai Harbor) and returned on 8/24
 108 08/17/16 Al provided an initial response to Larry Montgomery identifying false facts and unsupportable suppositions in John Koon’s report.
 122 08/31/16 Al provided a detailed response to John Koon’s report.
 128 09/06/16 Jill provides to Larry a 2nd detailed expense report. Larry replied “excellent job
 129 09/07/16 Larry states that “the Underwriters are prepared to settle on an “unrepaired” basis….”
 138 09/16/16 Settlement offer submitted to Larry, who says it is fair and reasonable.
 169 10/17/16 Larry states that they will consider the expenses and requested an updated list.
 175 10/23/16 Updated expenses were provided and acknowledged by Larry.
 177 10/25/16 Wayne Scott, (the broker from LJJ) says the Underwriters will consider expenses “When the expenses are received in a clear fashion, then and only then can they be submitted for consideration”. Larry and Wayne never provided a form or suggestions on changes to what had been submitted. Larry submitted same documents again. No response on the settlement offer. 
 197 11/14/16 Informed that Hill Dickinson (UK solicitor) was hired by ProSight. Stating that their intent is to “resolve, narrow any points in dispute, by an expert in the field” and “not a hostile action”
 205 11/22/16 Wayne Scott provided us the Hill Dickinson input. They accepted John Koon’s report as fact, and twisted actions. Clearly a hostile action.
 208 11/25/16 We reply that we will be responding through our counsel.
 232 12/19/17 Hired solicitor (Daniel Crockford), surveyor (Bill Trenkle), vessel designer (Kurt Hughes) and oceanographer (Mike Leneman) completed
 249 01/05/17 Discovered new exterior damage and theft on board
 255 01/11/17 Survey by Bill Trenkle (SAMS surveyor, International Marine Investigator)
 261 01/17/17 Larry Montgomery conducted on-board review of Bill Trenkle’s findings. Damage & theft claims submitted
 285 02/10/17 Submitted the response to Hill Dickinson, requested response within 30 days
 313 03/10/17 Hill Dickinson requested more time to respond
 318 03/15/17 Received the claim denial from Hill Dickinson.
 330 03/27/17 Informed that the theft and damage claims had to be submitted through our solicitor by Wayne Scott.
 385 05/21/17 Filed complaint against LJJ and ProSight via Lloyds of London’s
 388 05/24/17 ProSight acknowledged complaint receipt and promised to respond soon
 436 07/11/17 Followed up to see if they would respond by the deadline –  7/14/17
 437 07/12/17 Received a copy of the complaint response sent to Crew’s Mess dated June 6, 2017. They instructs us to go to Indiana Department of Insurance.
 443 07/18/17 Submitted complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) as advised by Daniel Crockford,  UK solicitor
 459 08/03/17 Call to FOS prompted our complaint to become “active” and assigned to an investigator
 478 08/22/17 ProSight admits that the processing of the claim took longer than anticipated and offered a £5000 settlement. We refused as it didn’t begin to cover the expenses
 487 08/31/17 ProSight provided their response to FOS in a format that will take a long time to enter into the system. FOS asked us to be patient.
 500 09/13/17 Submitted complaint to Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI). The IDOI did not know if they had jurisdiction.
 527 10/10/17 Received email from David Northcott, a FOS adjudicator stating that they did not have jurisdiction because it was a US based policy and we were pursuing with IDOI
 544 10/27/17 IDOI states that they have no jurisdiction
 549 11/01/17 FOS adjudicator acknowledged that the policy was written in UK and only paid for in the US. States that he needs to consult an expert to determine if they could review it. He said it was a very unique situation.
 556 11/08/17 FOS contacts the Society of Lloyd’s (SOL) to have them explain why the FOS should not investigate the complaint. Requested a response by 11/21/17
 570 11/22/17  Society of Lloyd’s does not respond… we continue to wait.
 575 11/27/17 Filed ethics violation complaints with NAMS and ACMS against Larry Montgomery and John Koon for errors and omissions.
 19 mths 12/1/17 David Northcott, follows up to let us know that he has not heard from the Society of Lloyds. We learn that the US  procedure was effective for policies written AFTER 1/1/17 and Lloyd’s acknowledges the FOS’s authority over all territories in a instructional handbook for their agents. 
 584 12/6/17 The Society of Lloyds has agreed that we should go through Stage 2. Therefore they will review the complaint. If we don’t agree with the result it will go back to the FOS. Case handler to be assigned soon.
 593 12/15/17 Not so fast….. The Lloyds International Complaints Department has decided that they will not do a Stage 2 review and David is aware of this. This had been decided early this week, but no one bothered to tell us.
609 12/31/17 John Koon’s reports and Larry Montgomery’s lack of reporting the condition of the things he inspected in January are the key factors in the denial. A change in John Koon’s position and/or a communication of Larry Montgomery’s findings would make a denial impossible for ProSight. We sent John Koon an email updating him on the status and asking him if he would make it right. He asked for the information and said he would reconsider. We sent Larry Montgomery and similar email and he predictably forwarded it to Wayne Scott
 617 01/08/18 We sent our complaint files to Joseph Dobbins at Lloyd’s. ProSight had not sent their files yet so a case handler had not been assigned. We did not get a response, so checked with him on 01/11/18 and he said that the technical department was looking at the link to ensure that it was OK for him to open. He provided no update on the ProSight files.
 627 01/18/18 After much more consideration and counsel we forwarded John the relevant reports from Bill Trenkle, Jay Butler, Kurt Hughes, maintenance information and the load test. One week later John acknowledged the receipt of the documents and stated that he is reviewing them and giving it “much thought“.
 628 01/19/18 We followed up with Joseph Dobbins at Lloyd’s to see what the status was and received no response. So much for improved customer service from the Lloyd’s of London Complaints Manager.

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