Ulterior Motives Begin to Come Out

Best Practice Repair ReportMay 25th, the day after Al leaves Hawaii, we received an email from Larry. He is promoting John Koon to Wayne Scott, the broker of LJJ Associates and Don Spink of Blue Water Insurance as an individual with experience in assessing dismastings. Larry suggests that John could come on board and “study the issues surrounding the dismasting and come to informed judgments on what may constitute an acceptable ‘best practice’ repair” Could there be ulterior motives?


Trustworthy.jpegThis doesn’t concern us as Larry, our “trusted agent” has told us that it is OK to pay vendors for their estimates. We knew that Larry would be requesting an estimate from John Koon. John installs masts and rigging as part of his business. So our belief was that it was a way for John Koon to be paid for his efforts in developing an estimate. Going on board to actually see what the situation is would also give him an advantage in developing an estimate.

The description of the purpose was focused on the repair and not on the cause of the dismasting. So we authorized them to go on board without Al in attendance. Perhaps we were naive, but it was logical. Also, keep in mind that Jill was undergoing medical tests and evaluations. Al hadn’t arrived home yet. He was in California discussing the repair estimates from vendors in the San Francisco area.

two-faced - mask.jpegUlterior Motives Exposed

We find out later that their objective was different from portrayed to us prior to going on board. Within the work request from Larry to John Koon it describes a “damage survey”

Within John Koon’s report it states that Larry requested

  • “Your observations as to the general condition of the DRAGONFLY”
  • “Specifics of conditions and observations with respect to the hull platforrm, and rigging”
  • “Your opinions as to the possible/probable causes of dismasting”

He would survey/evaluation/assessment/conduct:

  • “Locate and assess condition of remaining/existing evidence of rigging components to determine probable D.M. cause
  • Assess remaining equipment determination resulting om DM to determine sequence of spar collapse and release
  • Evaluate plat rm condition and probable integrity to isolate (or associate) plat rm failure as possible contributor to D.M. cause
  • Identify (same as above) associated with hull platform, bridge-wing beams (fore and aft) and mast-compression pathway.
  • Identify (if any) changes, repairs, possible modifications, alterations to remaining standing rigging components pathway.”

Larry Montgomery the sharkShould have seen the shark coming

We clearly would not have allowed this to occur without Al on board if the objective would have been communicated as listed in the resulting report. We also find the timing of this decision to have another “survey” occurred the day after Al left Hawaii was very telling regarding the ulterior motives of Larry the entire time.


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