ProSight Force Expense with Solicitor to File Claims

ProSight continually delay or place roadblocks in our way. Their latest hurdle force expense with our solicitor to file the theft and damage claims.

Hill Dickinson stated in the denial letter that the theft and damage claims were still active and should be separated from the dismasting claim. They have not been instructed to address these claims.


Are the claims being processed independently?

We sent the following message to Blue Water Insurance and Wayne Scott of LJJ Associates on March 24.

“As you know, the underwriters state that the theft and damage claims are not part of the dismasting claims. We do not accept that decision. However, as a result we would expect that these are being processed. Please provide us with the status of these claims.”


Unfair practice suspected.

Wayne Scott responds on March 27 “Please note that the underwriters/Hill Dickinson will respond directly to the insureds’ lawyer on all associated claims matters”

ProSight Force Expense with solicitorsWe immediately respond asking him “Do we have to have legal representation fo ALL claims. We do not feel that this is appropriate to force us to spend money for an attorney’s involvement” 




Confirmation of unfair practice

Wayne responds “I have been instructed to advise that you will need to liaise on all claim matters with your legal representative. They will need to discuss with underwriters and/or Hill Dickinson directly.”

This provides us evidence of unfair practices with forced expense with our solicitors to file a claim. We will address in our complaint.


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